Know how you go with OnStar Smart Driver

Use driving insights to help you become a smarter, safer driver. 


Better driving starts here

OnStar Smart Driver* provides driving insights to help you become a smarter, safer driver. Earn badges by completing challenges, build on streaks specific to different driving habits and view all your data in an intuitive dashboard.

Improve your driving habits today by getting OnStar Smart Driver at no additional charge within your myChevrolet, myBuick, myGMC or myCadillac mobile app.* Level up to Smart Driver+, * and enjoy monthly driver summaries and additional insights. 

Start your badge collection

Brake Genius
Pushing the brake pedal logo.

Brake Genius

Stay aware, brake slow and you’ll achieve Brake Genuis in no time. 

Accel Pro
Car Speeding Logo

Accel Pro

Limit your hard accelerating, and you’ll earn a shiny Accel Pro badge.

Limit Hero
Timer Logo

Limit Hero

Don't go too fast, and a Limit Hero badge is in your future. 

Belt Boss
Attaching the seatbelt logo.

Belt Boss

Buckle up every time, and earn a Belt Boss badge.* 

Striving for a better drive? We’ve got you. The Premium Plan is your plan. 

Experience the ultimate blend of safety services and convenience with our Premium Plan.*  Get directions, entertainment, 24/7 Advisors, and in-vehicle data and apps. With our Premium Plan, there’s no better way to drive.

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What’s included with OnStar Smart Driver+?

Monthly trip summaries, timeline experiences, seat belt usage data and more. OnStar Smart Driver+ is available with any OnStar Safety and Security plan or bundle. 

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Are you a smart driver? What have you learned?

What surprised you? We’d love to hear about your OnStar Smart Driver experience.

You’ve got some smart questions about OnStar Smart Driver. 

We’ve got the answers. Here are some of the things our Members ask the most.

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How much does OnStar Smart Driver cost?

There is no additional charge for you to enroll in OnStar Smart Driver.
However, the premium features of OnStar Smart Driver+ require a paid
plan (Premium, Essentials, Safety & Security, Connected Vehicle or
Remote Access).

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Who can enroll in OnStar Smart Driver? 

All OnStar Members with a 2015 model year or newer Chevrolet, Buick, GMC
or Cadillac vehicle and an active GM account (previously Owner Centre)
can enroll in OnStar Smart Driver.

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How often is data collected from the vehicle?

OnStar Smart Driver data is collected by OnStar from the vehicle for every ignition cycle.