Why choose OnStar?

Innovation at every turn — that’s OnStar


Behind-the-wheel technology for ever-improving rides

In your vehicle and beyond, our cutting-edge technologies allow you to have a more personalized ride while helping you to safely embarking on adventures and embracing our innovative and convenient features. Discover the very real ways OnStar makes every drive better than the last.

The OnStar difference

OnStar offers a world of enhanced driving experiences. See how our top-notch features can truly transform your life on the road.

Better Safety Services

Better Safety Services

Nothing is needed faster than help. With OnStar, you have it — in your vehicle and on your phone. Our safety technology can put you in touch with Emergency Advisors at a moment’s notice.

Better Entertainment

Better Entertainment

Life’s too short for boring drives. Bring movies, music, podcasts and In-Vehicle Apps along for every ride. Your passengers will thank you.

Better Drives

Better Drives

Look forward to being behind the wheel. Real-time maps help shave time. Available hands-free driver assistance technology adds ease. And off-road upgrades amp up the excitement.

Better Control

Better Control

Simplify everything. Whether you’re in your vehicle or nowhere near it, you can initiate remote commands, download your favourite voice assistant and even schedule maintenance — all at your convenience.

An OnStar advisor wearing a hijab smiles while wearing a headset.

Meet your ‘A’ team

A is for Advisors. Here are some of the people who are ready to make a difference in your world.

Some OnStar features can be accessed in a vehicle's display screen.

Ahead of the curve? That’s how we roll

At OnStar, we never stop innovating in hopes of making every drive better than the last. We started in 1996 by bringing drivers one of the world’s first in-vehicle telematics system. Since then, we have continued to be a leader in safety services while evolving to provide our members with the latest in-vehicle tech.

OnStar can make your road trip memorable

See how in-vehicle data can make your next trip a pleasure for you and your passengers. And, with Alexa or Google Built-in, it’s so easy.

Grateful to have OnStar on her team

A Coast Guard captain was reassured to have OnStar advise her when she was accosted by another driver after a crash.

How to get the most out of OnStar

OnStar does more than just help keep you safe after a crash. Find out the ways your OnStar plan can help you every day.