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Help when you need it — in your vehicle or on your phone.

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Stream movies, music, podcasts and more for an entertaining ride.

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Look forward to travelling with real-time maps, available hands-free driving, off-road upgrades and more.

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Connect to your vehicle using remote commands through the vehicle mobile app.

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Premium Plan

You'll have access to the full suite of OnStar Safety & Security services and the experience of a fully connected vehicle. Enjoy services like the OnStar Guardian™ app*, the vehicle mobile app*, optional in-vehicle apps* and 2GB of in-vehicle data per month.*

Essentials Plan

Bundle safety services and connectivity, and get access to specially trained Advisors who can help during an emergency,* a crash* or a vehicle theft.* Plus, unlock all the features of your vehicle mobile app and more.

Safety & Security Plan

Feeling protected goes a long way. Have an Emergency Advisor* ready to help in a crash* or with roadside trouble* — they can even help law enforcement try to locate your car if it’s stolen.* Plus, bring key OnStar safety services on the go with the OnStar Guardian app.*

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Answering the call even before it was placed

With the OnStar Guardian app, an OnStar Advisor called Evan immediately, before he even knew what hit him. Read his story and many more from our Members. 

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Learn about simple things you can do to get even more out of your OnStar subscription.

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