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Your OnStar trial is waiting for you

Your new car’s gift to you: OnStar plans that work for you in your car or on your phone.

Activate your 1-month trial* to get help in a crash*, remote commands* with your vehicle mobile app* and a host of features to elevate your vehicle experience. We’ll even let you know ahead of time when your services expire. Take a look at what you get when you push your blue OnStar button and activate today.

What’s in your trial? Let’s take a look  

A jolly family about to enter their OnStar-subscribed vehicle on their home.

Two amazing OnStar plans

If your GM car is 2015 or newer and properly equipped, you’ll get the OnStar Safety & Security Plan* and the Connected Vehicle Plan.* Thanks to this dynamic duo, you can feel safer and stay connected to everything you love with in-vehicle data* and your favourite in-vehicle apps,* like Spotify.*

A person using her phone to access OnStar's traffic update feature.

OnStar Guardian app

The OnStar Guardian® app* gives you key OnStar safety services —at home, on a walk, on a motorcycle or in someone else’s car. Even better — you can share the app with up to 7 friends or family members.*   

Let’s get it started

Push your blue OnStar button to activate your trial now, and see what services your vehicle can get by entering your vehicle identification number (VIN).  

EMT personnel able to provide assistance to a victim thanks to OnStar.

Safety & Security Plan

Whether you need directions* or help with a fender bender,* flat tire* or stolen car,* you’ve got helpful, human problem-solvers 24/7.   

Ensure your child's protection by subscribing to OnStar.

Connected Vehicle Plan  

Stay fully connected to everything you love everywhere you go. Let’s go!