OnStar Essentials Plan 

If you thought OnStar plans were just about safety services, here’s some news. The OnStar Essentials Plan combines those OnStar services with some amazing conveniences.


$39.90/yr. + tax*


$39.90/yr. + tax*


$39.99/mo. + tax*


$399.90/yr. + tax*

Get safety and then some 

Safety’s important. We’re OnStar, so we obviously get that. But there’s more to life than safety, right? You’ve got stuff to do, so why not save time and check your estimated fuel level or Vehicle Diagnostics* from your phone? With the OnStar Essentials Plan,* you can do all that and more — all for the affordable OnStar cost of membership. How much is OnStar there for you? 24/7 in every way you need us.

Essentials Plan highlights 

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Automatic Crash Response

If you’re in a crash,* we’re with you. Even if you can’t ask for help, we’ll send help to you.

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Roadside Assistance 

Whether you’re out of gas, your tire’s flat or your car just stopped and who knows why, we’ll get you a tow or whatever help you need to get back up and running.* You can share the OnStar Guardian app* with up to seven loved ones* to make sure they have added peace of mind too. 


Remote Access 

You and your car will never be out of touch. Use your vehicle mobile app* to start, stop, send directions, see your car’s location and more. Get On-Demand Diagnostics* and help from an Advisor whenever you need it.

Plan Comparison

Here’s a quick look at key Essentials Plan and Premium Plan features. 

Essentials Plan 

$39.99 /mo. + tax

Emergency Services

OnStar Guardian app   

2GB of data per month

Remote Vehicle Access

In-Vehicle Apps

Premium Plan

$49.99 /mo. + tax

Emergency Services

OnStar Guardian app   

2GB of data per month

Remote Vehicle Access

In-Vehicle Apps

Your Onstar  Connected Vehicle Plan also includes...

OnStar Guardian® App

You’ll have our key safety services with you  — on your phone. Plus, add up to 7 family members, so they’ll have OnStar safety services too.*

Turn-by-Turn Navigation

It’s like having your own personal co-pilot. Instead of keying in an address, push your blue OnStar button and tell us where you want to go. We can either send directions to your system (if equipped) or talk you through.*

Emergency Services

That red button? It’s there for you when things are urgent, like a medical problem, safety issue or any crisis situation. You’re never alone.*

Crisis Assist

Hurricane, wildfire, flood, tornado, earthquake — you name it, we’re here to help get you out of it, and we’ll help you contact family members too.*

Stolen Vehicle Assistance

If someone tries messing with your car, we’re on it. At the direction of law enforcement we can track your vehicle and work with police to slow it down and stop it*.

Vehicle Mobile App

Have you downloaded your myChevrolet, myBuick, myGMC or myCadillac mobile app* yet? You’ll want it — so you can get a seamless ownership experience. You can start and stop your engine,* check your estimated fuel level and tire pressure* (if properly equipped), even save and set radio station favourites* — all from your smartphone.

Remote Key Fob

Put your car’s key fob controls* on your phone.

Vehicle Locate

Where’d you park? Did your kid actually go to the library? You can find out — easily. Set boundary notifications, see your car on a map, and set and share custom notifications for arrivals and departures.*

Vehicle Settings

Don’t wait until you’re in the car to start messing with the radio presets. Do it right from your myChevrolet, myBuick, myGMC or myCadillac vehicle mobile app.* You can customize all your In-Vehicle Apps* that way too.

On-Demand Diagnostics

What the heck does that warning light mean? Push your blue OnStar button, and an Advisor can run a system check* to let you know what to do and get you help if you need it.

OnStar in action

Real stories featuring OnStar services

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