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You Don’t Want to Be Alone in a Crisis
Crisis Assist
The Safety & Security Plan Crisis Assist is included in this plan. Learn More

With Crisis Assist,*12 OnStar is there for you. When severe weather, a natural disaster or other crisis strikes, our Advisors are right there with you. Working with our first responder partners, we’ll assist you with information, special routing and a reassuring, human voice — we can even help you stay in touch with loved ones. Day or night, 24 hours a day, OnStar is there for you when you need us the most.

5 Things You Should Know About Crisis Assist

Do you have a crisis assistance plan when disaster strikes? OnStar Members have access to Crisis Assist for disaster relief. Learn more about OnStar Crisis Assist and how to use it.


OnStar Safety & Security Plan

Experience the safety and security of driving with OnStar

Safety & Security

Our Safety & Security Plan is for drivers who understand the power of the unpredictable. The plan offers simple tools to help you be a smarter driver.