More Connectivity and Confidence

Your OnStar trial is here 

Here’s how to get OnStar for 1 month on us

Let’s get it started. Push your blue OnStar button. 

Your car’s blue OnStar button is your ticket to trying out some amazing OnStar Plans and services — on us! 
Get more connectivity and confidence from your Chevrolet,® Buick,® GMC® or Cadillac.® Activate your 1‑month trial* today, and get an elevated vehicle experience at no additional charge. Connectivity is limited to some 2015 model year and newer vehicles that came with 4G LTE hardware or other older vehicles that received a hardware upgrade. 

What’s in your OnStar trial? Here’s a sneak peek. 

Your blue OnStar button is just begging you to push it and get started. Here are just a few of the reasons why. 

Safety & Security Plan 

Whether you need directions* or help with a fender bender,* flat tire* or stolen car,* you’ve got helpful, human problem-solvers 24/7. 

Automatic Crash Response
Automatic Crash Response*

If you’re in a crash, we’re with you. Even if you can’t ask for help, we’ll call help for you. 

Roadside Assistance
Roadside Assistance*

Whether you’re out of gas or your tire’s flat, we’ll get you a tow or whatever help you need to get back up and running. 

OnStar Guardian app

OnStar Guardian® app*

You’ll have key OnStar safety services with you — on your phone. Plus, add up to seven family members* or friends so they’ll have OnStar safety too. 

Emergency Services

Emergency Services*

In an emergency, push the red button for immediate, human help. 

Stolen Vehicle Assistance

Stolen Vehicle Assistance*

Car thieves don’t have a chance. At the request of authorities we can help track your vehicle and can bring it to a stop* when police have it in their sight. 

Connected Vehicle Plan 


In-Vehicle Apps*

You want to stream Spotify*? Get real-time traffic updates?* Look no farther than your centre display. Or, even easier, ask Alexa.*

In Vehicle Data

In-Vehicle Data*

Want a little data with your ride? Fire up your available built-in WiFi® Hotspot* and watch your passengers’ eyes light up. It can power up to seven compatible devices. 

Vehicle Mobile App

Vehicle Mobile App*

Start your engine,* check your estimated fuel level and tire pressure (if properly equipped), even save and set radio station favourites* — all from your smartphone. 

Connected Navigation

Connected Navigation*

Get directions with real-time traffic information — because you’re going places, and we’re always there for you.