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Help: Vehicle Mobile App

How do I set up my vehicle’s mobile app?

To properly activate your vehicle’s mobile app*20, your mobile device will need to run on iOS 11.3 or later for iPhones*34 and OS 5.0 or later for Android*35 smartphones.

  • Make sure your vehicle and mobile device are compatible with the app. Your vehicle's mobile app is compatible with select 2010 and newer model year Chevrolet, Buick, GMC and Cadillac vehicles.
  • Sign up on the Owner Centre.
  • Download and launch the app on your mobile device, then login using your Owner Centre username and password.
  • Agree to the Connected Vehicle Services User Terms, Privacy Statement and Software terms.
  • Keep your OnStar PIN on hand, as you’ll need it to access features within the app. Forgot your PIN? Manage your PIN on the Owner Centre or push your blue OnStar button to speak to an Advisor.

What happened to the OnStar® RemoteLink® mobile app?

RemoteLink’s features are now included within each vehicle’s app.

Do I need a Connected Services or OnStar plan to access these features?

Some services require a paid Connected Services or OnStar service plan. For more information about what services are included in which plan, please check the Plans and Pricing page.

Can I access my OnStar or Connected Services account from the app?

Yes, you can view your account information, check your plan details, and speak with an Advisor directly from the app.

Can I send a destination to my vehicle*49 from the app?

Yes. Select a destination by viewing your contact list through the mobile app, or search for a point of interest. You can then send directions of your selected destination directly to your vehicle's navigation system (Remote Access Plan*2 required). To obtain turn-by-turn directions, you must be subscribing to the OnStar Safety & Security Plan*3 or Premium Access Plan*2a.

What is Chevrolet, Buick, GMC and Cadillac Smart Driver*48?

Every month, an easy-to-read report summarizes your overall driving behaviours, like hard braking and acceleration instances. The better you drive, the higher your score. You can compete with yourself to improve your score from month to month and see how you compare to an anonymous group of other Smart Driver program participants, as well as get tips to help improve your driving skills.

What other features are available for the vehicle’s mobile app?

You can remotely start your vehicle*22, lock and unlock your doors*22 and sound your horn and flash your lights. You can also check your vehicle status*17 such as fuel level, oil life, odometer and tire pressure*42.

I drive an electric vehicle. Do I have any special features in the app?

Yes. In addition to the standard capabilities of your vehicle's mobile app, you’ll have access to:

  • Energy Assist: When connected to Apple CarPlay®*37 or Android Auto™*38, Energy Assist lets you see your vehicle’s range and available charging stations on a map. This feature can also let you know if a specific route is within range, and allows you to adjust your route in real time to meet your energy needs.
  • Key Pass: Manage your EV’s charging by checking the battery level and adjusting the rate and time of each charge. You can also use Key Pass for directions to charging stations near you, and get messages if your EV’s battery is too cold.