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Lost in Montana: A Canadian OnStar Member Story

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Dinner for three becomes a race to save Member’s son when he goes into anaphylactic shock.

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Dinner for three becomes a race to save Member’s son when he goes into anaphylactic shock.

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“My son literally would have died had I made a wrong turn.”

In a small town across the border, just south of Calgary, Stewart and his family were taking their vacation to the road. With a population of around 1,500, they had found the perfect little Montana town to get away. But what started as a quiet day off turned foul after an unassuming stop for lunch.

Stewart parked his Chevrolet Avalanche at a restaurant for a bite to eat with his wife and son. Nearing the end of the meal Stewart’s son started to feel uncomfortable, like he was having a mild allergic reaction. Nothing some simple allergy medicine couldn’t fix.

Or so he thought. 

At the grocery store just next door, Stewart was picking up some medicine when his wife called.

“It was peanuts. We need to get him to a hospital.”

Stewart’s son was going into anaphylactic shock. They were in a foreign town too small for a hospital, and the way there wasn’t just unfamiliar, it was unknown. He knew he could have gone one of two ways, but he also knew a wrong turn could have cost a lot more than a few minutes.

He lept into his truck and instinctively pressed the OnStar button. He was greeted with an Emergency-Certified Advisor*41 who was poised and ready to help.

“Within 30 seconds she had us heading to a hospital.” They were on their way, but still had 24km to go and not a lot of time.

“She was just a champ, a rockstar.” Stewart was ecstatic, “Without OnStar, God knows where I would have been driving.”

Stewart’s family is back home in Canada and doing well. He since purchased a new Silverado RST and shared how OnStar helped him make the decision.

“It can be a calming factor in a very chaotic situation,” referring to the incident in Montana. “It’s the personal touch,” He explained that going without it again was not an option. “It’s just the best service in the world.”

His words, but we’re inclined to agree.