Behind the Button

Behind the Button


The people behind the button are expertly trained, thoroughly tested and always ready. But that’s not what makes them outstanding. It’s the passion, the desire to help and the real human connection that sets OnStar Advisors apart. Take a look behind the scenes and meet the experts, the real people behind the button.

“I love putting on my detective hat to track vehicles and catch criminals.”

“When it comes to automatic crash responses, you don’t even have to call us. We come into the vehicle right away.”

“We constantly run through scenarios on the floor. So we get a lot of hands on training throughout our day.”

“We’re going to stick with you, until you get the help you need.”

“I just had to do something.”

It’s not an easy job being an OnStar Advisor. It takes intelligence, rigorous training and an intense desire to help others. Watch this video to learn more about the experts behind the technology.