Help us shape the future of driving in Canada

Help us shape the future of driving in Canada


The future of driving starts with you

We are always looking for ways to make roads safer. By having vehicle owners, such as yourself, share vehicle data with us, you are helping to ensure Canadian vehicles benefit from the latest technologies OnStar and our vehicle brands have to offer. While we ask you to help, your privacy is our crucial concern. Participation is voluntary, and you can withdraw your consent at any time.

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Here’s what you need to know

The General Motors Family of Companies (including General Motors of Canada Company, OnStar, LLC, and affiliates) (collectively, “GM” or “we”) would like to collect certain data from your vehicle at 3 second intervals, including information about your vehicle or the use of your vehicle, such as location, elevation, speed and heading (“Data”). GM will use this Data for internal research and development purposes, including to help develop new products and services. Unless authorized by you, it will not be used to deliver personalized services to you or shared outside of GM in a form that can be associated with you or your vehicle.

We will remove your name or similar identifying information about you from the Data before it is used for research and development.

The Data collected from your vehicle may be communicated or transferred from Canada to the United States, the European Economic Area (EEA), or other locations where we or our service providers maintain servers for the purposes described above. If you let someone else drive your vehicle, it is important that you inform them of the collection, use, and, if authorized by you, disclosure of the Data. Your participation is completely voluntary.

You have the right to withdraw your consent at any time and the right to access and rectify information about you that we collect.

This request for consent in respect of the Data is separate from your consent in respect of any other information collected by GM, including in connection with OnStar or other connected vehicle services.

Additional information about how we handle personal information in connection with connected vehicle services, including OnStar, can be found in the privacy statement available here. To withdraw your consent, or to exercise your rights of access and rectification, contact us as indicated in the privacy statement.

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