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Heroes Beyond the Badge
OnStar and OACP honour First Responders

The Heroes Beyond the Badge award is given to exceptional public safety professionals. Each month, an individual is honoured for their dedication to our community, outstanding acts of valour and extraordinary service. We honour all First Responders and salute those who go above and beyond the call of duty.

Meet our latest Hero Beyond the Badge
We recognize your exceptional service and thank you for all you do to help keep our communities safe and secure

Mobile Crisis Response Team (MCRT)

Greenville County

We honour the Mobile Crisis Response Team (MCRT) of Grenville County for their service. The team includes two officers and two registered nurses: PC Annie Collins, PC Dave Holmes, Kim Brouwer and Shawna Marshall. The MCRT responds to live calls, helps to de-escalate situations involving individuals with mental health and addiction, and conducts crisis intervention training. Over several months, the team worked with the family of a 13- year-old who suffered from mental health and behavioural challenges. With the help of MCRT, the family was able to secure staffing and an on-site behaviourist. Since February 2021, MCRT has responded to nearly 500 calls, helping the Grenville OPP build stronger relationships with community agencies and assist those in crisis.

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OnStar assists First Responders and public safety workers

OnStar works alongside First Responders and public safety professionals so we can provide our Members with the best services in emergency situations.

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