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OnStar Vehicle Insights™

Optimize productivity with OnStar Vehicle Insights.*80 Gain new perspectives from macro views down to the individual vehicles in your fleet, and maximize efficiency with meaningful data and driver management tools.

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    • Vehicle Location and Diagnostics — See your fleet move in real time, and get alerts on things like oil life, fuel efficiency and preventative maintenance schedules to avoid costly downtime.
    • Driver Performance Insights — Provides business owners and fleet managers with driving information and can be set up to trigger real-time alerts. Facets of driver data are collected and organized from sudden acceleration and hard braking, speed violations, and how long vehicles remain in locations. Notifications can also be sent when vehicles cross a customizable boundary that can be as small as a parking lot or as large as a country.
    • Trip Summaries — Record and reference trip histories across your fleet, and find efficiencies in your routing. Consider more than traffic, and keep track of how your fleet moves over time.

Additional tools, such as Remote Commands and live traffic updates, can empower your drivers to do more while geofencing can help you learn more with customizable alerts.

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