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API & Data Services

There is no one-size-fits-all solution for your business needs. OnStar Business Solutions brings together the integrity of embedded hardware with a wide array of telematics service providers and fleet management companies to meet the unique needs of any size fleet — in any industry. No two companies provide identical offerings, but the list below covers some of the most popular services.

    • Advanced Automatic Crash Notification (AACN)*77 — Provides insightful incident-related data from the vehicle, such as if there were multiple points of impact; if the air bags deployed or safety belt pretensioners engaged; what the maximum delta-v, vehicle direction upon impact and vehicle location were; if the front passenger seat was occupied; and the time stamp from when the incident occurred.
    • Diagnostic Trouble Code (DTC) Notification — Receive diagnostic trouble code information for high-severity DTCs, including information such as description and recommended corrective action.
    • EV Charge Notification — Provides charge state information, including charge start, abort and complete. When combined with the EV data, this information offers a comprehensive EV solution for fleets.
    • Field Service Recall — Provides information regarding an open service recall on the vehicle, including the Transport Canada recall number, manufacturer recall number, recall description, and safety risk description.
    • Hard Brake, Hard Acceleration & Driver Safety Belt — Reports hard braking, hard acceleration and driver safety belt information from the vehicle. The hard braking and hard acceleration events are triggered when the vehicle exceeds a predefined deceleration or acceleration threshold. Driver and passanger safety belt status is reported at ignition ON, at ignition OFF and anytime the driver safety belt status changes during the drive cycle (trip).
    • In-Vehicle Coaching*78 — Gives fleet managers specific driving behavior event information that helps promote a strong safety culture as well as verbally coaches drivers in real time through the vehicle’s audio system to help them quickly modify their behavior and develop better behind-the-wheel habits.

      Driving behaviors included in this service are:
      —  Driver safety belt status
      —  Passenger safety belt status
      —  Hard brake
      —  Hard acceleration
      —  Posted speed
      —  Maximum speed

    • Pre-Delivery*88 — Get insight into a vehicle’s location as well as its odometer, tire pressure, fuel level, and battery charge at every ignition OFF from the time the vehicle has been shipped from the plant until the vehicle is delivered to the customer and an OnStar account is created.
    • Remote Vehicle Enable and Remote Vehicle Disable — An API that allows the user to remotely enable or disable the vehicle’s engine (subject to limitations).
    • Telemetry*89 — Provides vehicle information such as vehicle location, speed, ignition status and diagnostics from the vehicle at regular intervals. Electric vehicle (EV) equivalent info (battery level) is also available.
    • Theft Alert Notification (TAN)*90 — Provides a notification when the vehicle anti-theft system is activated. This can be either a vehicle or content theft alert.
    • Transactional API Calls — A single discrete request from the user to perform specific remote vehicle commands, such as lock and unlock door(s), honk horn and flash lights, and remote start and stop. Also, the user can retrieve certain vehicle information, such as vehicle location, diagnostics and electric vehicle-charge information.

Meet Our Providers

An OnStar fleet account manager can help you find the right fit for your business with one of our providers

  • Fleet Complete

    Manage your fleet with Fleet Complete to help reduce costs and downtime while maximizing productivity and efficiency.

  • ARI

    ARI invests in people, processes and technology to empower our clients in achieving a competitive advantage.

  • Driving Force

    Turn your logistical nightmare into a dream with coast-to-coast fleet management. Ready to work at any scale from large business enterprises to personal projects. Driving Force has vehicles to meet most every need.

  • Geotab

    Optimize your fleet with high-performance technology from Geotab that’s scalable and flexible and can be customized to suit your business needs.

  • Motorq

    As an API and Machine Learning software company, they handle the inputs, sort through the millions of data points and decipher it all for you.