OnStar Guardian app 

You love your car. But plenty of life happens outside your car too. So we made the OnStar Guardian app to help give you and your family safety services right on your phone. Even when you’re not in your car.


$15.00/mo. + tax*


$150.00/yr. + tax*


$15.00/mo. + tax*


$150.00/yr. + tax*

Whenever you’re in need, we’re with you 

Thanks to OnStar, you may feel safer in your car. But how about when you or your family are in someone else’s car? Or on your motorcycle? Or out for a walk or hike? We’ve got you. The OnStar Guardian® app* gives your family the key safety services of OnStar — Roadside Assistance,* GPS locator service,* emergency help — even crash detection. You can share the app with up to seven friends or family members.*

Roadside Assistance*

Your loved one is in a friend’s car, and they’ve run out of gas. Or the battery died. Or they’re locked out. Your loved one’s about to save the day. The OnStar Guardian app helps them out, bringing the help they need to any car or motorcycle. Hey, it may even save the day for you.

Mobile Crash Response 

If you or a family member is in a crash, the phone’s sensors will let us know. We’ll call your phone to check on you and send First Responders to where you are, in any car or on a motorcycle.  

Emergency Services 

When you or your family need us, 24/7, just open the app and push the red Emergency button. We’ll be there to give you advice or get First Responders to you. You can even enable Siri®* or Google Assistant* on your phone and get help with just the sound of your voice. 

Location Services*

Did your kid make it to school? Is your partner still at the store? We’ve got all the answers. You can see each other on a live map, share and save locations, and set notifications to tell you if they’ve left or arrived at a place you specify. 

There’s more to OnStar Guardian 

Even on your motorcycle, we're with you. 

OnStar Guardian for motorcycles  

OnStar isn’t just for cars anymore. 

See the OnStar Guardian App in action

From “how to” to “how about that,” these quick demo videos show you how the OnStar Guardian app works.  

How can you get OnStar Guardian? Easy. 

You can get it with these OnStar plans — or get it a la carte. Your call. 

OnStar Guardian* is included in the Safety & Security,* Essentials* and Premium* Plans.
The OnStar Guardian app is included in these plans. So you’ll get the help you need in a crash or other emergency situation in your car plus on your phone. 
A la carte
You can get OnStar Guardian separately for $15.00/month + tax* — and it works even if you don’t own a Chevrolet, Buick, GMC or Cadillac vehicle. 

Download OnStar Guardian today 

The OnStar Guardian app: real stories, tips and conversations 

Answering the call even before it was placed

With the OnStar Guardian app, an OnStar Advisor called Evan immediately, before he even knew what hit him. Read his story and many more from our Members. 

How OnStar can save your day

Here are six ways OnStar and our specially trained Advisors can help when emergencies occur, whether you’re in or out of any vehicle.

You tell us 

How are you using the OnStar Guardian app? We’d love to hear from you.