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Plans & Pricing

The safety you need and connection you want.

Everything you need to feel more confident and connected on every drive.
Included with vehicle purchase
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    Monitors your vehicle’s key operating systems, and provides you with regular updates about your vehicle’s health.
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    Your vehicle can notify your preferred Dealer when routine service is due.
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    With your vehicle mobile app, you can check out your Owner’s Manual, schedule and track service, request and track Roadside Assistance, and view how-to videos.
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    Gain insights about your driving behaviour, such as the number of hard braking and hard acceleration events, and get tips that can help you become a better driver.
À La Carte and Add-Ons

There are also a variety of stand-alone plans and services to create your own combinations.

  • With your vehicle mobile app, you can start your engine, check your estimated fuel level and tire pressure, save and set radio station favourites, and much more — all from your phone.

    Buy Now ($14.99/mo + tax)
  • Safety services right on your phone. And you can share the app with up to 7 loved ones so everyone can stop worrying and get going.

    Learn More ($15/mo + tax)
  • Available Super Cruise*91

    Get innovative hands-free driver assistance technology — as well as cutting-edge convenience and precision on divided and compatible highways. And with an ever-growing network, you can travel on over 320,000 kilometers of compatible roads throughout Canada and the U.S.

    Buy Now ($30/mo + tax)