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5 Ways OnStar Can Help with a Last-Minute Winter Getaway

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Have a last-minute winter getaway coming up? Here are 5 ways OnStar can help.

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Have a last-minute winter getaway coming up? Here are 5 ways OnStar can help.

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Don’t look now, but the end of the year is quickly approaching.

If you’re like many of us, you might have relatives to visit, vacation days you need to use before the end of the year, or are just in need of a break after a long year. So if you have the urge to get in one more memorable trip before the calendar flips to the new year, it’s time to make a plan.

Luckily, OnStar can help. We’re great at last-minute winter travel planning — we can get you Turn-by-Turn directions*16 to wherever you want to go, suggest interesting places to stop along the way and let you know how far to the next gas station — or restroom!

With OnStar, all you need is a destination. So, hop in the car and let’s get going.

Here are five ways that OnStar can help you do your winter trip planning along the way:

1. Be prepared

Winter driving can be treacherous. But OnStar can help you prepare for your trip by making sure your vehicle is in good shape for the journey ahead. Simply push the blue OnStar button and ask an OnStar Advisor to perform a diagnostics check.*17 They’ll let you know if there are issues you should take care of before you hit the road.

2. Help you see the sights

You already know you can push your blue OnStar button to get directions from point A to point B, but did you know that our Advisors can suggest points of interest along the way? Museums, historic sites, shopping, ski resorts, restaurants — they have access to a database of more than 14 million of them. Push the button and ask what points are along your route; you might discover something fascinating.

3. Solve your food craving

Ever have a craving for Italian or Mediterranean or seafood while on the road? Or maybe you’re just looking for a hot cup of cocoa? Push your blue OnStar button and our Advisors will be happy to help find restaurants in your vicinity that offer that type of fare.

4. Refuel your vehicle

We’re not just talking gasoline here. We’re talking beverages and snacks for the whole family. Our Advisors can help you find refueling stops along the way.

5. Fix a flat

Nothing ruins the spontaneity of a last-minute winter getaway more than a flat tire or vehicle issue. Push your red emergency button and your Advisor will pinpoint your location and send Roadside Assistance.*13 They’ll get you back on your way in no time flat (so to speak)!