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OnStar Advisor Helps Woman Trapped in Home

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Learn how an elderly Member used OnStar to help her grandson come to her rescue.

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Learn how an elderly Member used OnStar to help her grandson come to her rescue.

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OnStar Member Rosemary Nolley recently found a call to OnStar came in quite handy, for not exactly a routine request.

The 78-year-old widow is one active lady, even though she has a physical disability. This makes wintertime her least favorite season, as snow and ice keep her pretty much close to her home, about an hour outside of Chicago. One snowy day last winter, Rosemary took a tumble in her living room and was unable to get up.

“When I fell, I had the cell phone in my hand,” she says. “But it landed several feet away from me. I managed to crawl to it and call my grandson for help.”

Rosemary’s grandson and his 16-year-old son, her great-grandson, live about 13 kilometres away.

“They said they would be right over,” Rosemary says. “I could tell they were quite worried even though I tried to assure them that I wasn’t hurt. While I was waiting, I realized that every door and window was locked. I knew my grandson would get into the house somehow even if he had to break a window, but then I thought about OnStar.”

Rosemary’s car was in the driveway, locked. She called OnStar, explained the situation to the Advisor and asked if the Advisor would unlock her car remotely so her grandson could use the garage door opener to get into the house.

“The Advisor was very nice and said she would do that, and then asked me some questions to make sure I was the account holder," says Rosemary. "But she also said she would stay on the line with me until help arrived and she knew I was OK."

“The Advisor asked me for my grandson’s cell phone number and patched in a three-way conversation so I could tell him the car door was unlocked. She talked to me until he was in the house and could confirm that I wasn’t injured and that he could easily lift me up. It was a comfort to have someone to talk to while I was waiting, and it really meant a lot to know how much the people at OnStar really care.”

It wasn’t the first time Rosemary has called on OnStar for help. She is a volunteer for a non-profit organization that packs and ships food to malnourished children all over the world. Every year, she drives her Chevrolet Traverse approximately 320 kilometres, to help pack food. And she relies on Turn-by-Turn Navigation*16 to help get her there and back.

“The traffic is very heavy in that area and it’s easy to miss an exit or go the wrong way,” she says. “With my Turn-by-Turn, I get clear directions and can drive with confidence.”

Rosemary says she would never be without OnStar. “When I bought my first vehicle with OnStar, I thought that it was a nice luxury, but now I know that, for me, it’s a necessity. I depend on OnStar.”